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20/06/2023 - Experience the Future of Motion Capture and Animation with Noitom at Content Tokyo
We're thrilled to announce our return to Japan for Content Tokyo!
Join us at Tokyo Big Sight June 28th-30th at booth 19-10, where our team, along with our local representatives, will be showcasing Perception Neuron within different applications to open up your imagination.
Prepare to see NoitomVPS and how our virtual production solution can be used to speed up the production process of any shoot, learn how to become a VTUBER with Perception Neuron - the go-to solution for many diving into VTUBING.
14/06/2023 - Mexican Sign Language (LSM) Motion Files Added to Mocap.Market!
We have some exciting news to share! Our latest release is here, and it's all about Mexican Sign Language. We've added over 200 awesome motion files dedicated to capturing the beauty and expressiveness of this language. All animations were captured using our Perception Neuron Studio system.
26/04/2023 - VRChat Integration with Perception Neuron Now Available
We are excited to finally bring Perception Neuron's full body tracking capabilities to one of our favorite social platforms. Working with the VRChat team, there is now an easy way to link your Perception Neuron 3 and Perception Neuron Studio to VRChat.
21/03/2023 - Ballet dancers in sensor suits: New research explores how dance is used as a form of communication
Audio guides, maps, traditional and interactive texts help people attending art exhibitions to understand the works in front of them. With dance, however, the audience's understanding is usually taken for granted.
20/03/2023 - Cine Gear Expo Returned to New York Showcasing All the Creative Ingenuity in New Production-Related Gear
For the first time in almost eight years, the Cine Gear Expo returned to New York City with all the best filmmaking gear and tech in tow after the planned 2020 expo was canceled amid the early days of the pandemic.
19/01/2023 - 2022 Community Showcase

As 2022 came to a close, we've put together our end of year community showcase highlighting the amazing work everyone has been doing on their motion capture projects all made using Perception Neuron!

We are excited to present a small collection of videos that demonstrate the capabilities of our powerful mocap system and the incredible creativity of the artists and animators who use it.

Perception Neuron is a versatile and easy-to-use mocap system that allows creators to bring their ideas to life in a realistic and engaging way. Whether you're working on a film, game, or animation project, Perception Neuron can help you achieve the level of realism and accuracy that you need.

We hope that these videos will inspire others to explore the possibilities of mocap and to push the boundaries of what is possible with Perception Neuron. Thank you for joining us on this journey, and we look forward to seeing what you will create next!

05/10/2022 - ARwall Offers Exclusive Deals to Noitom Customers
ARwall, the turn-key virtual production solution for XR created by filmmakers for filmmakers, is offering exclusive discounts on its award-winning tools for Noitom customers. This deal is for a limited time, and will last until October 15th, 2022.
14/06/2022 - Cine Gear Expo LA 2022: New Laowa Probe Lenses, Arri’s Alexa 35 and More
Cine Gear Expo Los Angeles roared back over the weekend, as the multi-day tradeshow saw a number of key exhibitors return to its new home at the LA Convention Center. Attendees poured in by the thousands eager to get their hands-on the latest tech, soak up knowledge at a seminar or tune their skills during a masterclass.
03/05/2022 - NoitomVPS Named 2022 NAB Show Product of the Year Award Winner
Motion Capture Leader Noitom Wins Top Prize for Third Time in Two Years
28/04/2022 - Noitom's 5G Location-Based Extended Realities Team Wins IBC 'Accelerator Project of the Year Award'
Mocap Leader Instrumental in Cutting-Edge Esports Remote Gameplay Development
25/02/2022 - Noitom's 'Pacha Mama' Named a Finalist for PGA Innovation Award
Remote production honored for outstanding entertainment endeavors across VR, AR, experiential and other emerging media
15/11/2021 - Noitom to Exhibit Interactive Digital Avatar at IAAPA
Motion capture provider's new signage solution set to revolutionize character-audience interaction for theme parks, museums, retailers and more
11/11/2021 - Noitom Named as CES 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree
Perception Neuron 3 motion capture system named a CES® 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree for 2022 in Wearable Technologies
08/11/2021 - Real-Time Animated Series 'The Jolliest Elf' Premieres This Christmas
From the director of "The Elf on the Shelf: An Elf's Story" and TRICK 3D Studio, in cooperation with Noitom and Epic Games, comes a first-of-its-kind holiday series
The live and digital sessions schedule for IBC's Accelerator Media Innovation Programme at IBC2021 has been revealed.
03/11/2021 - NAB Announces Winners of Annual Product of the Year Awards
The winners of the third annual NAB Show Product of the Year Awards were announced today during the virtual Product of the Year Awards celebration, held exclusively on NAB Amplify. The awards recognize significant and promising new products and technologies that were set to be displayed for the first time at the previously canceled 2021 NAB Show.
In the third instalment of IBC365's in-depth look at the 2021 Accelerator programme, those involved in the RT-3D Interactive Content Creation project reveal why and how they are creating transmedia content using XR tools with genuine real-time workflows.
26/05/2021 - Noitom International Winner of Two Golden Telly Awards

Noitom International, Inc., is honored to announce our short animated film, “Pacha Mama” has been named Best Use of 3D Animation and Best Remote Production in Non-Broadcast in the 42nd Annual Telly Awards. The Telly Awards honors excellence in video and television across all screens and is judged by leaders from video platforms, television, streaming networks, production companies. Congratulations to all of this year’s winners, especially the Noitom team, for their hard work and creativity.

Watch our winning submission on the Telly Award Website:
General-Remote Production for Non-Broadcast
Craft-Use of 3D Animation for Non-Broadcast

14/07/2020 - Cloudhead Games: VR Multi-Tasker and Storyteller
04/10/2019 - Real-time Talking Animals with Demodern

In the Eye to Eye VR experience, the participant converses with an engaging and lifelike CG rabbit at eye level.

19/09/2019 - Perception NeuronとUnreal EngineでVチューバー風にキャラクターを動かす

Move characters like V tuber with Perception Neuron and Unreal Engine.

31/05/2019 - What Mocap Suit Suits You?

If you're looking to bring to life a CG human character or creature with the aid of any kind of performance capture, there's now a bevy of options at your disposal.

by BBC Future
12/05/2019 - Could this suit revolutionise motion capture?

Noitom, a motion capture company, demonstrates their suit used to bring an affordable version of motion capture to filmmakers.


20/12/2018 - Reallusion Tools Power REPLICAS

Innovative previz, motion capture and postviz techniques are at the heart of Keanu Reeves' latest sci-fi thriller.

08/07/2018 - It's Hard Work Turning A Skyrim Mod Into A Standalone Game

Perception Neuron and iClone used in the creation of Forbidden City.

05/02/2018 - Perception Neuron 2.0 Launches With Improved Body Tracking

Beijing-based Noitom has long been working to make full-body motion capture tools affordable to every content creator on the planet, and not just big-budget film and game studios. Last week the company moved a step closer to its goal with the launch of Perception Neuron 2.0.

02/02/2018 - Noitom’s Mocap Hardware Perception Neuron 2.0 Released, Better Than 1.0 at the Same Price

New accessories will keep the hardware future proof.

17/12/2017 - 30分でダンスを習得 3Dモデルのお手本を現実に呼び出してARレッスン

A今回はAutodesk賞、マイクロソフト賞、Perception Neuron / アユート賞、Moff賞を受賞した『ホロレンズでダンスレッスン』(チーム ホロダンス)をレポートします.

25/10/2017 - Noitom Launches Academic Packages to Bring Affordable Motion Capture Technology to Classrooms in the US and Canada

Noitom is set to launch its Academic Solutions with Perception Neuron.

13/07/2017 - Virtual reality app to help amputee children wins humanitarian hackathon

Noitom International played a leading role in the organization of this year's event.

08/07/2017 - みんなで人道支援のVR/AR/MRアプリをつくろう 6/24、25に最優秀賞4万ドルの「Japan XR Hackathon」

Noitom partners with Panora VR, SVVR and ICRC for the Japan XR Hackathon 2017.

04/05/2017 - Hands-On with Perception Neuron – World’s Most Affordable Motion Capture System

The Neuron suit is aimed at filmmakers and game developers alike.

28/04/2017 - Perception Neuron: real-time live animation motion capture at NAB

Noitom's Perception Neuron made its first appearance at NAB 2017, a moment to highlight the system's capabilities for broadcasting and animation.

26/04/2017 - NAB Show ‘17 Animation Highlights

Noitom is demoing its Perception Neuron ( live animation motion-capture tool — recently used for the blockbuster flick Logan.

30/03/2017 - Halon Entertainment Delivers Previs/Postvis for 20th Century Fox’s ‘Logan’

Halon previsualization/postvisualization supervisor Clint Reagan oversees key sequences for director James Mangold's latest installment in the X-Men universe.

27/03/2017 - 【インタビュー】VRで「生きる」アイドルを 講談社のVRアイドルプロジェクト『Hop Step Sing!』


26/03/2017 - April 2017 Tech Reviews

Tech Review: Perception Neuron

24/02/2017 - EIU tech department gets motion capture equipment for classroom

The technology program at EIU will be one of few outside of art institutes and private universities within the state with this kind of motion capture technology.

24/02/2017 - Oregon Virtual Reality Incubator Takes Artists Into New Worlds

Imagine a gallery where you can step into a painting, or learn a dance from a virtual flamingo.

16/02/2017 - Getting Ready for the First Production MoCap Session

Some motion capture examples.

20/01/2017 - Vive Dev Shows How Trackers Can Provide 'Full-Body Presence' in VR

From fire fighting simulators to local multiplayer shooters, developers are already getting inventive with the HTC Vive's new trackers.

01/01/2017 - Quick Review and Test of the Perception Neuron Mocap System

Notiom showcases Perception Neuron and Project Alice.

17/11/2016 - Inside Games Japan: G-Star Global Game Expo 2016

Notiom showcases Perception Neuron and Project Alice.