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by rAVe [Pubs]
14/02/2020 - Noitom Showcases Digital Signage at ISE 2020
Noitom's Perception Neuron Pro was on display at the AV-content conference in Amsterdam where they demoed Live Digital Signage.
by Aju Business Daily
13/02/2020 - Sorrow Stricken Mother Reunites with Deceased Daughter in Virtual World
A South-Korean mother is able to touch, talk and play with her deceased daughter with Noitom's virtual reality gloves and Vive.
by Road to VR
07/02/2020 - Mother Meets Recreation of her Deceased Child in VR
Using Noitom's Hi5 virtual reality gloves and VIVE's HMD with trackers, a South Korean documentary film team recreated the little girl for one last goodbye with her family.
26/03/2018 - Noitom Launches Business Edition of HI5 VR Glove

The business edition of the VR data gloves are now available to order.

26/03/2018 - Noitom Lanza la Versión Para Empresas de Hi5 VR Glove

La versión para empresas de los guantes de los creadores de Perception Neuron, que incluye licencia para uso comercial, se puede adquirir ya.

21/03/2018 - Noitom Enters Spatially Tracked Glove Market With Hi5 VR Glove Business Edition

Noitom today announced that the Hi5 VR Gloves Business Edition is now available to order. The kit includes two gloves with full finger tracking. You’ll need a pair of Vive Trackers and an HTC Vive to use them, though.

21/03/2018 - Noitom Launches Business Edition of HI5 VR Glove

Hi5 VR Glove is a wireless, full-finger movement, sensor-based glove that delivers rapid hand actions in virtual reality environments.

05/02/2018 - Noitom Lanza Su Mocap 2.0 y Prepara el Lanzamiento de Hi5 VR Glove

Ya se encuentra disponible la versión 2.0 de su mocap, que añade nuevas características y un traje completo, y muy pronto estarán disponibles sus guantes para empresas.

15/01/2018 - Gants VR – Top des meilleurs gants pour interagir dans la réalité virtuelle

Les gants VR Noitom Hi5 VR Glove sont destinés au grand public, et se distinguent par une utilisation très intuitive.

19/04/2017 - These awesome motion-capture gloves let you play with objects in VR

We went along to London's virtual reality (VR) meet-up, VRLO, and managed to try out Noitom's Hi5 VR Glove - the first wireless consumer gloves designed for VR and one of the latest accessories to the HTC Vive (read our HTC Vive review here).

03/04/2017 - New VR Tech Dazzles at Silicon Valley VR Expo

According to the inside scoop from VRJournal ahead of the weekend, Noitom made a splash at the world's premiere virtual reality (VR) gathering, the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Conference & Expo.

01/04/2017 - VRLO 7 Brings Latest in VR and AR to London from Epic Games, HTC, Rewind, and More

Among other Tracker peripherals at VRLO was the Hi5 VR Gloves by Noitom. We were impressed with the glove's combination of finger tracking and motion input when we first tried them at CES.

03/03/2017 - VRLO Returns To London This Month With Microsoft, BBC, Epic And More

GDC is nearing its event but the VR events won’t be stopping there.

27/02/2017 - HTC confirms release date for Vive Tracker and Deluxe Audio Strap

Consumer version set to land later this year.

09/02/2017 - Noitom's Hi5 Glove at CES 2017

Hi5 is a fully immersive wireless VR glove developed as an accessory for the HTC Vive.

17/01/2017 - A Quick Run Through of CES 2017

The Noitom Hi5 is a wireless glove controller designed just for the HTC VIVE.

06/01/2017 - Noitom Partners with HTC Vive On VR Motion Capture Glove

Noitom hasn't confirmed a release date for the Hi5 VR Glove yet.

06/01/2017 - Hands-On: Noitom's Hi5 VR Glove Brings Compelling Finger Tracking to the Vive

CES 2017: VR input gloves are getting a big boost thanks to HTC's newly revealed Vive Tracker

05/01/2017 - Going Wireles is Great, But the HTC Vive's New Tracker is the Real Game Changer

CES 2017: Get ready to turn anything into a VR controller.

05/01/2017 - Noitom's Hi5 VR Gloves Track Your Fingers Powered by Vive's Tracking Puck

Noitom have unveiled their VR gloves which aim to put your hands and fingers into virtual reality with motion tracking provided courtesy of HTC's recently launched Vive Tracker accessory.