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Motion capture for all. That simple idea is what has always driven us to extend the reach of this dynamic technology.

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Noitom showcases Perception Neuron Studio Hybrid Tracking at Siggraph 2020

We're finally ready to share the tracking technology that is one of the main components of the Perception Neuron Studio mocap system. It's a first-of-its-kind tracker that holds both optical and inertial data. The hybrid optical + inertial trackers are a major advancement in data fusion, taking the best of optical tracking and inertial data and putting them together for a more affordable solution that gives you higher accuracy and better results.For SIGGRAPH 2020, we were able to virtually showcase hybrid tracking in real-time during a live demo. By adding on Perception Neuron Studio's hybrid trackers (along with the sensors and gloves) we've made it possible to have a complete portable virtual
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