We are a team of engineers and visionaries committed to making motion capture a universal technology.


We remain focused on the present and future of motion capture, with all its limitless capabilities.


Motion capture for all. That simple idea is what has always driven us to extend the reach of this dynamic technology.

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Experience the Future of Motion Capture and Animation with Noitom at Content Tokyo

Join us at Tokyo Big Sight June 28th-30th at booth 19-10, where our team, along with our local representatives, will be showcasing Perception Neuron within different applications to open up your imagination. Prepare to see NoitomVPS and how our virtual production solution can be used to speed up the production process of any shoot, learn how to become a VTUBER with Perception Neuron - the go-to solution for many diving into VTUBING. Perception Neuron is an affordable, easy to use and dependable solution used by top streamers including Kizuna AI. Finally get a first hand look at new software partnerships we have launching later this year! This is a golden opportunity to not only observe but
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