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We focus on bridging the gap between reality and simulation by developing input solutions that fully immerse the user.

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Health and Medical

Motion capture can be dedicated to improving quality of life. Our technology offers solutions aimed at diagnosing and treating physical and physiological ailments.

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Latest Noitom News

Keep up to date with our events and news.

  • Facerig Studio is Here!

    Facerig Studio is Here!

    Facial Mocap is here!!! In a new partnership with facial animation software maker FaceRig, Noitom announces a new specially-priced bundle which combines Perception Neuron’s inertial-based motion capture with Facerig’s real-time facial animation software, to give users a complete character animation creation tool that includes movement in every part of the body including now the face. Facerig allows anyone with a webcam to instantly embody any character. Users can choose to record, export, or broadcast full body motion capture. The combination of both Perception Neuron and Facerig’s real-time capability makes it possible for users to have access to instant digital cosplay. Facerig offers a wide range of original stock characters to choose from, and their built in tools make it possible to input users’ own, pre-created characters. The Perception Neuron and Facerig Studio suite is available on the Perception Neuron website and includes the 32 Alum Perception Neuron motion capture system with Facerig’s real-time animation software for just under $1,750. Facerig users interested in adding Perception Neuron’s motion capture to their software, will receive a 10% discount toward the purchase of the motion capture system with proof of ownership. To get our exclusive Facerig Studio + Perception Neuron package, visit our store now!

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  • MITHacking Arts 2017 Nourishes Innovation with Perception Neuron Motion Capture

    MITHacking Arts 2017 Nourishes Innovation with Perception Neuron Motion Capture

    MIT Hacking Arts 2017 took place the weekend of November 11th & 12th at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, bringing together creative technologists, artists, innovators and hackers to explore the future of the arts at the annual Conference, Arts & Tech Expo and Hackathon. Noitom played a role in this year's event, sponsoring a hacking challenge for our Perception Neuron motion capture system. Participating teams had 24-hours to complete an original project to push innovation in the arts and entertainment field. This year, the theme for MIT Hacking Arts was, Why Human. Teams working with Perception Neuron were challenged to “give the body a digital voice” and create a project that would enable human movement to be captured and translated into digital data to create or enhance the art forms of the future. Winners of the Perception Neuron challenge were selected after a round of presentations with judges. The winning team —made up of students from Harvard, UToronto and Rhode Island School of Design—created Choreosome, a shared platform that preserves the cultural heritage and traditions of dance forms from around the world using Perception Neuron motion capture. The team was awarded with a check for $1,000 and a Perception Neuron 32 Alum system (one Perception Neuron system was also given to each of the participating teams). Choreosome was also awarded with the Hacking Arts Best Overall Hack, making them the big winners of the hackathon. On behalf of the entire Noitom family, we would like to congratulate team members, Jenny Fan, Saif Haobsh, Kenneth So, Grace Young and Mahika Phutane for a fantastic job. Stay tuned as we keep you updated on the progress of Choresome!

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  • Perception Neuron Motion Capture Unites with Notch Real-Time Graphic Software for LDI 2017 Las Vegas

    Perception Neuron Motion Capture Unites with Notch Real-Time Graphic Software for LDI 2017 Las Vegas

    Noitom's real-time Perception Neuron motion capture system, joined Notch real-time visual effects software maker, at the Live Design International (LDI) Tradeshow and Conference in las Vegas from November 17th to 19th. LDI hosts over 13,000 attendees working in theatre, concerts, clubs, theme parks, and houses of worship, as well as a wide range of international live and broadcast venues. Attendees from more than 80 countries come to LDI to see the latest gear in action, refresh their knowledge, and replenish their creativity. Making a combined effort, Perception Neuron and Notch showed LDI attendees how real-time graphics software timed with the body's movements can make for an unforgettable live show experience. With a Perception Neuron system, the real-time graphics, VFX and VR capability of Notch can be combined with the movements of a performer, dancer or DJ to create an on-screen visual storyboard. We are looking forward to working more with this unique company. Stay tuned for upcoming projects!

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  • Perception Neuron 2.0 Ready for 2018

    Perception Neuron 2.0 Ready for 2018

    It has been nearly four years since we first launched Perception Neuron, and now in 2018, we are finally ready for the latest version of our motion capture system. The new Perception Neuron, PN2.0, will now be a part of the bigger Perception Neuron ecosystem, meaning, all of the system's parts will be compatible with all accessories. One of the new accessories that will be available is the Perception Neuron full-body suit which can be easily connected to the sensor straps. Many of the new features of Perception Neuron are items that users have been requesting over the years. Some of the changes include: anti-slip straps, reinforced cables, new sockets, and new and improved working modes. A new working mode will make it possible to get full-body tracking with just four sensors. We are excited to bring you this new version of your go-to motion capture tool. Stay tuned for its official release this month!

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  • Noitom Announces Consumer VR Glove Hi5 at CES 2017

    Noitom Announces Consumer VR Glove Hi5 at CES 2017

    Noitom introduced its first product for the consumer market during CES 2017. The Hi5 VR Glove delivers full hand and finger action motion within a virtual environment with the use of IMU sensors, the same technology used for the Perception Neuron mocap suit. Partnering with HTC Vive for the annual show, Noitom introduced the Hi5 Glove (a set of two) as the newest accessory for VR which promises lightening-fast response, pinpoint accuracy and plug and play convenience. The Hi5 VR Glove contains six, nine-axis IMU sensors on each finger for full left-and-right hand motion capture with high-performance tracking. With the advent of this latest product announcement, Noitom continues to further establish itself as a major player in the virtual reality industry. Learn more about the Hi5 VR Glove here. The Hi5 VR Glove will make its official launch into the consumer market in Spring 2017.

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  • Reggie Watts is Live in VR with AltspaceVR and Perception Neuron

    Reggie Watts is Live in VR with AltspaceVR and Perception Neuron

    Reggie Watts—comic, genius and epic improvisationalist will be performing live-in-VR this Thursday May 26 at 8 pm Pacific Time. This is going to be the first event of its kind featuring live stand-up comedy in a completely virtual environment. What makes it even more exciting for us is that Reggie will be wearing Perception Neuron to track his movements inside AltspaceVR's virtual venue. If you have ever watched a performance by Reggie (and you can here), then you know anything can happen when he's on stage. From various worldly accents to breaking into a soulful, impromptu song, his performances are known for their spontaneity. Now, thanks to AltspaceVR and with the help of a little VR magic, anyone, anywhere can tune in to catch this live performance. The show is completely free and all you need to do is sign-up to AltspaceVR, wait for Thursday 8 pm Pacific Time, put on your VR gear and tune in. Get more info and register for the show here. Enjoy and let us know how it goes!