Toshiba | Exploring the Secrets of Engineering with Motion Capture

Toshiba works with Noitom's motion capture

At the National Skills Competition held in Japan, Haruki Okabe, 21, who works for Toshiba’s Kitashiba Electric Co., trains with instructor and veteran technician, Tatsuo Matsui to get an edge over his competitors. With help from Hiroaki Nakamura—a motion capture engineer from the Toshiba Corporate Manufacturing Engineering Center—the team utilizes Noitom's Perception Neuron to study Okabe's motions when performing artisan tasks. By analyzing the motion data collected, improvements can be made to Okabe's work perfromance.  Toshiba has started an initiative where it uses mocap to record the training of the competition's participants as a way to gauge and improve their efficiency, and to pass on their technical skills. Learn more from Toshiba.