It has been nearly four years since we first launched Perception Neuron, and now in 2018, we are finally ready for the latest version of our motion capture system. The new Perception Neuron, PN2.0, will now be a part of the bigger Perception Neuron ecosystem, meaning, all of the system's parts will be compatible with all accessories. One of the new accessories that will be available is the Perception Neuron full-body suit which can be easily connected to the sensor straps. Many of the new features of Perception Neuron are items that users have been requesting over the years. Some of the changes include: anti-slip straps, reinforced cables, new sockets, and new and improved working modes. A new working mode will make it possible to get full-body tracking with just four sensors. We are excited to bring you this new version of your go-to motion capture tool. Stay tuned for its official release this month!