Noitom, the creators of the out-of-home VR platform Project Alice, will head to Phoenix for the the American Alliance of Museums annual MuseumExpo taking place May 7th-9th at the Phoenix Convention Center to showcase Alice Space the first commercial multiplayer, location-based, mixed reality solution for museums and science centers. Alice Space is a space exploration simulation platform. Conceived as a complete hardware and content package, Alice Space allows venues like museums and science centers to offer their audiences realistic and immersive experiences that range from exploring the Earth's moon, to visiting Mars, Jupiter's Europa and to planets beyond. Developed in collaboration with NASA by Australian multiple-award winning virtual content development studio, Opaque Space, Alice Space takes participants to a mixed reality environment where they land on the moon, interact with controls and with other players inside of the spacecraft, and eventually walk onto the surface of the moon to explore the terrain, engage with props and look up to planet Earth. The mixed reality experience lets players fully immerse themselves in a journey that has only been experienced by the astronauts of yesteryear. During the MuseumExpo, Noitom will be offering demos of the complete Alice Space Earthlight: Lunar Mission experience. Up to six guests at one time will be able to don virtual reality goggles and VR backpacks to freely roam the inside of a NASA workstation and then explore the surface of the moon in mixed reality. Complimentary tickets for the demo experience during MuseumExpo are available now at