Fans of the Divergent film franchise can now experience the excitement of the movies in VR at the Lionsgate Entertainment World theme park which opened its doors this summer in Zhuhai, China on July 31. Dauntless Fear Simulator —based on one of the societal factions featured in the Divergent books and films' plot—lets players tackle their darkest fears through a series of daunting challenges during the 15 minute-long, heart-thumping experience that includes a high-altitude challenge, maze, and outdoor adventure. The game's virtual world set up is replicated exactly as it is in the Divergent films.

Created with Noitom's proprietary Project Alice technology, Dauntless Fear Simulator features a highly accurate optical-inertial hybrid tracking system. Visitors to the experience are given controls, VR goggles, computer backpacks, and motion capture sensors as they traverse the various challenges inside the game. The open-world concept means that they can repeat the experience and get different outcomes, just like the simulator featured in Divergent. With over 1,600 square feet of space, multiple players can interact with each other as well as with textured surfaces, virtual screens, and objects inside the experience.

Noitom began planning the Divergent Dauntless with Lionsgate Entertainment World in November of 2017 including with R&D, installation, tests, and operations.

Lionsgate Entertainment World features indoor themed rides and virtual reality experiences inspired by the Hollywood studio's movie franchises including The Hunger Games, The Twilight Saga, and Now You See Me.

Lionsgate Entertainment World was designed by Thinkwell Group, a global design and production agency. In collaboration with Thinkwell Group and Framestore which created the immersive virtual reality environment, Noitom applied its motion capture and tracking technology to make the Divergent Dauntless Fear Simulator possible. The experience is operated by Australian media and entertainment company, Village Road Show.