Perception Neuron Studio introduces a new ecosystem of products designed to build an inertial mocap system into an advanced hybrid tracking motion capture solution. At SIGGRAPH 2019, Noitom announced the release of a new line in their range of motion capture products. Perception Neuron Studio is a first-of-its-kind, full-body inertial motion capture system that can be outfitted, a-la-carte, with hardware and software add-ons for advanced motion capture applications. With Perception Neuron Studio, Noitom is able to offer absolute positioning and object tracking for the first time. Accessories such as inertial/optical hybrid trackers and full-finger capture gloves will give creators more freedom to capture rigorous body motions for uses including live performance, biomechanical analysis, virtual production, and VR simulation.

Perception Neuron Studio, when initially purchased, comes as a basic full-body inertial motion capture package similar to Noitom's previous system— Perception Neuron Pro. The difference with Studio beside the new sensor internal components and architecture, as well as new algorithm and corresponding software, is that it is able to be built upon from its ecosystem of available products to advance the level of motion capture needed. Users can select from a menu of add-on accessories that support tracking of objects and fingers as well as the ability to combine inertial and optical tracking for more freedom of movement with little to no occlusion and with absolute data.

Now available for pre-order, Noitom is introducing Perception Neuron® Studio at $5,999. The launch also comes with a slew of pre-order specials. For information, or to place a pre-order, visit