It came on the heels of the company’s announcement about its latest VR product, the motion-tracking “Hi5 VR Glove.” Noitom, a motion capture technology company, dedicates much of its research to all aspects of motion capture and the creation of affordable and accessible tools for VFX, animation, and gaming. “The company however, has continued to steadily advance into the virtual reality spectrum where it is now focused on making immersion into VR a smoother and even more dynamic experience,” the company tells us. Noitom’s appearance at SVVR for the third year in a row signaled the company’s desire to promote its latest virtual reality products, both of which promise to deliver better, more engaging ways to enjoy virtual reality. The multi-user mixed reality B2B platform Project Alice and the consumer product Hi5 VR Glove were both demonstrated, as they were at CES in Las Vegas earlier this year. “This last year we have really been focused on extending ourselves further into virtual reality because we understand the great need there is for this technology not just for entertainment but as a business solution as well,” says Tristan Dai, the CTO and a co-founder of Noitom. “There are just so many possibilities with VR. Gaming and entertainment are only the beginning.” The demo sessions included several categories: games, education, and advertising. They featured a multi-player, multi-scene demo with the Hi5 VR Glove where players can immerse both hands into the VR environment while interacting with objects, as well as a sci-fi Mixed RealityVR shooter game in which the players assume the role of futuristic super-soldiers known as “Ghost.”