A controversial virtual reality experience that saw a mother reunite with her deceased seven-year old daughter, went viral after it was broadcast as part of a documentary airing on SOuth-Korean TV channel  MBC on February 6, 2020. A clip from the documentary called "Meeting You" showing the mother seeing and interacting with her little girl who passed away from illness three years prior, first went viral in South-Korea and soon after around the world. 
The documentary, which follows the mother and her family as they struggle with the loss of their daughter and sibling, included the virtual reality expereince which was filmed as part of the family's grieving process. The producers used VR technology to create the girl's face, body, and voice. The virtual scene was set in a recreated version of the park where the mother and daughter had many memories together. A child model of similar build was recorded with motion capture and streamed to a monitor at the VR studio where the mother and family were being filmed. The mother wore a Vive HMD to see her daughter and the setting, while Vive trackers connected to Noitom's Hi5 VR Gloves allowed her to virtually caress and touch her daughter. Read more on Aju Business Daily.