MIT Hacking Arts 2017 took place the weekend of November 11th & 12th at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, bringing together creative technologists, artists, innovators and hackers to explore the future of the arts at the annual Conference, Arts & Tech Expo and Hackathon. Noitom played a role in this year's event, sponsoring a hacking challenge for our Perception Neuron motion capture system. Participating teams had 24-hours to complete an original project to push innovation in the arts and entertainment field. This year, the theme for MIT Hacking Arts was, Why Human. Teams working with Perception Neuron were challenged to “give the body a digital voice” and create a project that would enable human movement to be captured and translated into digital data to create or enhance the art forms of the future. Winners of the Perception Neuron challenge were selected after a round of presentations with judges. The winning team —made up of students from Harvard, UToronto and Rhode Island School of Design—created Choreosome, a shared platform that preserves the cultural heritage and traditions of dance forms from around the world using Perception Neuron motion capture. The team was awarded with a check for $1,000 and a Perception Neuron 32 Alum system (one Perception Neuron system was also given to each of the participating teams). Choreosome was also awarded with the Hacking Arts Best Overall Hack, making them the big winners of the hackathon. On behalf of the entire Noitom family, we would like to congratulate team members, Jenny Fan, Saif Haobsh, Kenneth So, Grace Young and Mahika Phutane for a fantastic job. Stay tuned as we keep you updated on the progress of Choresome!