Choreographer, Yuh Egami and composer and experimentalist, Mike Yip and Multi-media artist, James Kong have collaborated to create the Hong Kong Ballet's, Wordless Letter. Inspired by Virginia Woolf's suicide note, Egami was challenged by both the choreography and the choreographic method when creating new work. Combining Yip's original music with Kong's multimedia design and Perception Neuron motion capture technology, Wordless Letter compels its audience to imagine things that cannot be seen. "It has been an inspiring process in how nontraditional movements can be brought into ballet through the use of sensors," says Yip. Part of the Hong Kong Cool series, Wordless Letter is one of seven short pieces of new ballet works by dancers within the company that also want to choreograph. During the performance, words on the screen move along with the dancer as if the words were dancing themselves. Hong Kong Cool by Hong Kong Ballet closes on September 16.