Facial Mocap is here!!! In a new partnership with facial animation software maker FaceRig, Noitom announces a new specially-priced bundle which combines Perception Neuron’s inertial-based motion capture with Facerig’s real-time facial animation software, to give users a complete character animation creation tool that includes movement in every part of the body including now the face. Facerig allows anyone with a webcam to instantly embody any character. Users can choose to record, export, or broadcast full body motion capture. The combination of both Perception Neuron and Facerig’s real-time capability makes it possible for users to have access to instant digital cosplay. Facerig offers a wide range of original stock characters to choose from, and their built in tools make it possible to input users’ own, pre-created characters. The Perception Neuron and Facerig Studio suite is available on the Perception Neuron website and includes the 32 Alum Perception Neuron motion capture system with Facerig’s real-time animation software for just under $1,750. Facerig users interested in adding Perception Neuron’s motion capture to their software, will receive a 10% discount toward the purchase of the motion capture system with proof of ownership. To get our exclusive Facerig Studio + Perception Neuron package, visit our store now!