For anyone dreaming of a career in visual effects, Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusettes has just expanded the facilities at the College of Art + Design which features an Animation and Motion Media program led by Catronia Baker. The program specializes in both 2D and 3D character animation, Narrative Fabrication, Fine Arts animation, Asset Designer, and Visual Effects. The school teaches the 12 Principles of Animation, cinematic language and technology through reasoning. In addition to a new state-of-the-art green room, the school has also introduced students to Perception Neuron's motion capture which students will work with first hand in their many projects. "The animation students are so excited about using the Noitom suits for their art!," says Baker. "I am thrilled to have the [Perception Neuron] suits as part of our curriculum." The new facility also features a 3D fabrication studio, a rendering farm, and a 130-seat screening room. Students attending the school will enjoy working in one of the best facilities for VFX in New England. Noitom will continue to work with Lesley University in helping it navigate their motion capture technology programs. To learn more about Lesley University's new VFX facilities, visit Lesley University's VFX at the College of Art and Design.