Anti-Gone is a Mixed Reality play exploring the human urge to construct and inhabit alternative realities. Escapism is examined as a social phenomenon, amplified by technology and becoming aggressively prevalent. Based on the 2017 graphic novel by Connor Willumsen, Anti-Gone tells a story set in a post-climate change world where social upheaval and environmental catastrophe have become the norm, and humanity lives in the ruins of civilization. It follows Spyda and Lynxa, a young couple navigating their way through this new environment. Anti-Gone was created with Perception Neuron Pro motion capture and 4K projection. The performance played in real-time using Unity Game Engine. Directed by Los Angeles-based artist and UCLA lecturer, Theo Triantafyllidis, Anti-Gone is currently using a game engine to develop it into a mixed-reality platform and a theatrical experience.

This is actually something we've never seen before and its pretty impressive. Theo is a long-time Perception Neuron user and an immensely talented digital artist. With a relatively simple pipeline, he was able to create a digital fantasy landscape for the stage. As we see more and more live performances turing to computer graphics and motion-based visual effects, do you think this will be the next step in the ancient art of theatre?